About Me

Hello, I'm Gordon Freakman.

I've been doing source engine stuff for 4 years!

Currently working on:

Hat Kid in Half-Life 2


Welcome to the projects window!

This shows you all of the projects i've worked on

well, the ones I'm comfortable enough with sharing

Gordon Freakman 2.5: A Gasmask Odyssey


Hat-Life 2/Hat Kid in Half-Life 2

Sumotori Dreams Playermodel

Gordon Freakman Playermodel

Mr.Dismount Playermodel


I can kinda do some music shit.

Most of them I'm not too proud of, but some I am kinda proud of.

The songs i'm actually proud of.

Raw files + instrumentals (when avaliable)

Contact me!

Email: [email protected]

Discord: ted_facemap.tga

(thanks discord)

Miscellaneous stuff.

I am on github! I'm sure nobody fucking cares, because i don't use it.

I partially know HTML, JS, AS, PHP, CSS, C++, and I almost completely know C#.

I've been learning Unity's ShaderLab and HLSL. I created a basic shader which

recreates Mr.Dismount's shading.

Thanks Xenthio for helping me with this.

Also thanks Xinus22 for making the shotgun worldmodel used for the site.

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Random Shit

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